Risk Analysis and

Hazzard Assessment System in Tunnel




Kim Young Geun


Senior Managing Director, Geotechnical & Tunnelling Dept., KUNWHA Engineering and Consulting








The risk analysis system that could consider quantitatively the various risks for geotechnical stability and environmental impact was developed for effective risk assessment in tunnelling. Each risk was evaluated as a classified term to be the fixed quantity based on various probabilistic and statistic technique, then the distribution of the risk along tunnel line could be analyzed by using multiple index (MI). The risk system applied to the design of subway tunnel to verify the usefulness in tunneling. Also, the tunnel hazard assessment system was proposed and a theoretical background and a calculation process for assessing a quantitative hazard level for every tunnel face were described. In addition, the hazard level evaluation obtained by using tunnel hazard index (THI) could be undertaken for a tunnel construction. The hazard system applied to the actual tunnel site that occurred tunnel collapses at large fault zone to review the applicability in tunneling.





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